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Paternalism and the “Contraception Mandate”

One response to my previous post – in which I critiqued the widespread Catholic outrage over HHS’ so-called “contraception mandate” – deserves its own follow-up, because it gets to the heart of a lot of objections raised in the Catholic world about health insurance coverage of reproductive services in general, and specifically about this latest … Continue reading


  • Hi folks. It's a new day for Religious Rhetorics. Our model up till now -- longer, more thorough posts -- was simply not sustainable for either of us time-wise, resulting in some serious blog neglect. So we're remaking the site -- the first sign of which is the new look. While our overall emphasis -- on religion, language, and the public sphere -- will remain the same, our format and approach will be shifting. In the upcoming days and weeks, look for shorter, hopefully snappier posts on current events, with more guests writers and more of an emphasis on your feedback -- in other words, a more interactive project.

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