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Paternalism and the “Contraception Mandate”

One response to my previous post – in which I critiqued the widespread Catholic outrage over HHS’ so-called “contraception mandate” – deserves its own follow-up, because it gets to the heart of a lot of objections raised in the Catholic world about health insurance coverage of reproductive services in general, and specifically about this latest … Continue reading

Archbishop Dolan gives us a geography lesson

Today, the New York Daily News carried a story (“NY’s top Catholic officials seek to halt Senate vote on legalizing gay marriage”) about Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s latest effort against New York’s pending same-sex marriage legislation. The story cites a blog post by the archbishop himself, published today, which I decided to check out for myself. … Continue reading

The Clash of Frames in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

We’ve fallen rather behind here at Religious Rhetorics – our one-post-a-month goal long since replaced by grad school pragmatism and prioritization. I think it may be more realistic to simply boldly announce that we will post “occasionally” – ever holding to an ideal of frequency and regularity, but conscious of (and, alas, often distracted by) … Continue reading


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