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Repeating it Makes it So: How Rick Perry Equates Gays and Christians in “Strong” Ad

By now you’ve most likely seen Republican candidate Rick Perry’s most recent presidential 2012 campaign ad “Strong.” If you haven’t seen it or grown tired of it yet, here it is: The ad has already inspired a number of parodies as well as criticism for what many perceive as a homophobic message. But little attention has … Continue reading

Evangelical Accountability in the Social Media Age: The Case of Mark Driscoll, Provacateur

Earlier this month, well known and controversial, Seattle Mars Hill Church Pastor Mark Driscoll posted the following status on his public Facebook wall: Driscoll’s words, unsurprisingly, drew rapid and sharp criticism from the Christian blogosphere. Seemingly in response to the swift reaction he received to his post, within a few days Driscoll removed the status, which had … Continue reading

Archbishop Dolan gives us a geography lesson

Today, the New York Daily News carried a story (“NY’s top Catholic officials seek to halt Senate vote on legalizing gay marriage”) about Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s latest effort against New York’s pending same-sex marriage legislation. The story cites a blog post by the archbishop himself, published today, which I decided to check out for myself. … Continue reading

The Religious Ethos of Science

Religious Rhetorics is back, analyzing contemporary issues in religion with a post about…science? This wouldn’t be the first time RR has tackled science. That’s because both science and religion can act as “overarching paradigms” in modern society. And because they both can stake this claim, they often clash: stem-cell research, homosexuality, evolution, the list goes … Continue reading

The Clash of Frames in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

We’ve fallen rather behind here at Religious Rhetorics – our one-post-a-month goal long since replaced by grad school pragmatism and prioritization. I think it may be more realistic to simply boldly announce that we will post “occasionally” – ever holding to an ideal of frequency and regularity, but conscious of (and, alas, often distracted by) … Continue reading

Battling over Our Values with the Pledge

In the spirit of the recent 4th of July holiday, firecracker debris now finally cleared from the streets, I would like to turn the rhetorical lens on a common fixture of American patriotism: the Pledge of Allegiance. The Pledge of Allegiance is recited by millions of children everyday before they dive into math, science, and … Continue reading

Historical Revisionism in the Manhattan Declaration

The attention span of the American media is short and the time span between Religious Rhetorics posts is longer. By now, many may have forgotten about the “Manhattan Declaration: A Call to Christian Conscience.” A document produced at the end of last year (2009), it is a Christian ecumenical statement on the contemporary issues of … Continue reading

Rhetoric and Interpretation (A Response to a Reader’s Question)

As you may have noticed, there is now a form that you can fill out, to submit questions on issues of religion, rhetoric, and politics. Our very first question comes from David: So I’ve been wondering (and have never hassled a poor proselytizer to answer) how any interpretation of “god’s word” can be certain to … Continue reading

Three Fallacies in the Gay Marriage Debate (Part II)

A look at three common arguments made by the traditional marriage side in the gay marriage debate. Second part in a two-part series. Continue reading

Three Fallacies in the Gay Marriage Debate (Part I)

A look at three common arguments made by the traditional marriage side in the gay marriage debate. First part in a two-part series. Continue reading


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